Nentir Vale is a default setting for Dungeons&Dragons 4th edition.

It had been traveled by many adventurers, explored by bold heroes, yet it contains many secrets, dangers and treasures. Much of it gloried past lies in ruins, there are many tombs, gravesites and battlefields left. It’s imperial history is gone, it’s future is uncertain. While the whole world drowns in darkness, there are still points of light. All it takes to gold that fire, is courage to go out against things that go bump in the night.

I became fascinated with Nentir Vale when it was described in Dungeon Master’s Guide 1. It was so different from sunny and civilized Forgotten Realms, so free from thirty year of history burden of Greyhawk and so vague. When I read description, it occurred to me that I can run every branch of fantasy genre I like. If I wanted something in nordic themes, Warhammer-like, high-, low fantasy, there were always place for it.

Moreover, a closed confines allowed me to construct a shared world, where different players, characters and parties could co-exist, swap tales, know same NPC, visit that same locales. It is my take on un-plugged Multi-Player Role-Playing Game

Chronicles of Nentir Vaile is meant to be played with different systems. Some of my friends like elaborate rules, other, like me are long time AD&D fans. We also use Swords&Wizardry rules, when we play via internet. Thanks to the Google+ Hangouts I have finally chance to play with friends, located far away from my home. Yet still, despite mechanical differences, those heroes live in the same area, roughly at the same time.

Chronicles of Nentir Vale