Chronicles of Nentir Vale

Nordrim - Refugees of North

Third session of our game. This time a new player had joined our company, and with his help we had met Gnorum, a dwarven adventurer, cook and former mercenary, clad in heave armour and armed with mighty warhammer.

Heroes left Mistwatch (spreading some gossips about hidden treasure and accepting bribes for guidelines how to find it) and took direction to Timbervale. Unfortunately main road was blocked by an avalanche that covered route between two hills, so heroes had to circle around it.

As they traveled through low hills, they spotted a group of people hiding in shallow cave, carved in the side of mound. Those people, mostly children, women and few men, were in visible stress. Three younger males challenged heroes in ready to fight stances and angered voices. Bloodshed was prevented by woman, who introduced herself as Sigrid.

She explained, that their house had been assaulted and burned by group of local people, who wanted to drive her family in name of Pelor. Heroes were surprised, especially brother Alvin, because Pelor is peaceful deity, that watches over order and safety. Sigrid confessed that she and her family are refugees from coastal region over the north mountains, called Shores in Flames. People of Nentir Vale and her kin had a long and bloody history between them. Pelorites wanted to kill or drive out newcomers, because of it.

Heroes agreed to help Sigrid’s family and scouted ahead. It turned out that longhouse was relatively undamaged, except for roof that collapsed. With Sigrid’s clan it was make-shift repaired by Bedwyn and Awer, Gnorum cooked meal and prepared tent for children. When repairs were made, Bedwyn set some traps, as he and others expected attackers will come back at night.

He wasn’t mistaken. When moon crept out in the sky, from a dark forest black figures came. Assailants expected little resistance, knowing that Sigrid’s husband is wounded and three young men will be weary and week. When they met with fully prepared family backed by bold adventurers, tide of battle quickly turned against them.

One of murderers were left alive. Awer recognized him as a glass-blower from Winterhaven. He begged and pladed to release him, tried to convince characters to help him kill “invaders”. Due to unfortunate accident (read strong blow in the head by courtesy of Gnorum) he died during interrogation.

Heroes spent next day helping with repairs. Thankful Sigrid offered them gift, a magical spear that her family was passing on through generations. It was made of hardwood and sharp tooth of sea serpent.

After the roof was repaired, party moved on. But the weather was bad and soon blizzard forced heroes to make a camp. It lasted two days, party’s supplies were shortened to critically low level, so heroes moved on. Wading through snow the lost their tracks and reached Winterhaven late with almost no food, cold and very, very tired.



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