Chronicles of Nentir Vale

Nordrim - Surprising guests

Heroes discover their first dungeon along with it's unexpected inhabitants

Heavy winter has assaulted Timbervale and snow was as deep as dwarfs’ head. Heroes at first helped to cut pathways in snow, than decided to go hunting, as they feared long and harsh winter could mean starvation for villagers.

They set out north, hoping that along the way the will learn something about burned village. Before they had a chance to venture far in the mountains, they came upon a camp. It was protected from snow with cloth canopies but obviously deserted. What was more concerning, campfire was still hot although put out.

Camp was made of three wagons surrounding a huge rock. Inside there were trappings of quite big group of travelers left. What was more important, rock turned out to be an entrance to underground tunnel. Heroes prepared themselves and delved into deep.

It was decided, that Gnorum will take the lead. Soon he found portal, written in goblin script, hailing a mighty chief, that was buried inside. Beside it a lantern stood, an obvious sign, someone has gone recently this way. Perhaps it were people from camp.

After wounding through tunnels and disabling a pendulum trap (by stepping onto it), heroes entered a very large cavern. Inside of it they found a nest, prepared for winter by… the Lizardmen! Each and every one was in deep slumber, protected by cocoon, that was similar to nori algae. Gnorum even tasted it, but Bedwyn reminded it was made from creature’s sweat. While the lizardmen were asleep, it was clear the had not murdered settlers, that camped above.

Heroes crossed chamber and began to further exploring a cave complex. One way was blocked by huge block of unnatural cold ice. Aver tried to break it, but to no avail. Leaving it to later, party moved on and on the junction turned left. Corridor finally led them to chamber, where old treasures and fresh bodies were kept. Along with an goblin hero, a fiendish form of massive, undead troll.

Combat erupted. At first Bedwyn was leveled and Aver missed with his crossbow. While Gnorum was fighting troll off, he was heavily wounded in first round. Aver revived Bedwyn and those two fired bolts and arrows on troll. Than Aver switched from crossbow to sword and finally all three hreoes defeated beast.

After that glorious victory heroes withdraw upward, took horses and came back to Timbervale.



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