Chronicles of Nentir Vale

Nordrim - Mysteries of Mistwatch

Back in Mistwach, in darkness and under ghostly fire

Group lineup had changed as one of players, portraying Alvin, had to withdraw as his machine had had blown of. Fortunately another of my friend joined in, creating fighting-man and journeyman, traveling Nentir Vale, Awer. Awer is son of petty noble, who is last in line to succession, so had chosen to forge his own path to glory. To his ears came gossips of village far in the north, even further than Timbervale, that was either abandoned by inhabitants or raided.

Three heroes set on the way. Their journey was peaceful and quit, sun was shining and soon the arrived in cursed Mistwatch. Heroes booked night in stables and went down to sleep. But in the night Bedwyn awoken and found himself spectator of strange and eerie show. Blue and ghostly flames raged across town, especially it’s ruined parts. Bedwyn woke Awer up and two of them observed. Soon they realized that they see scenes from city’s past. Ghostly figures tried to control fire, fight it and soon was defeated by blows of wind. Pair of heroes went after a particularly outstanding pair. Wealthy merchant and his female companion ran away into woods, carrying a chest of interesting size. Soon both of fighter dived into woods. By sheer of luck they heard that someone or something was approaching.

Awer and Bedwyn hid in bushes. Soon out of darkness and hedges shapes emerged. First one, armed with huge battleaxe, resembled a minotaur! Fortunately for those two, it was raiding band of hobgoblin, who chose to pillage one of Mistwatch’s houses. There four of them and last in line, an archer, was suspicious, like he was able to smell heroes. When band passed by them, heroes began to wonder, what should they do? Fight or flee? Try to sneak around hobgoblins and warn villagers? There was no time for being subtly. When hobgoblins emerged on open ground, heroes attacked them with bow and crossbow.

Combats in Swords&Wizardry tend to be short and brutal. First level characters have just enough hit points to withstand one blow. Second is fatal at most of the times.

While three of hobgoblins turned around and ran toward heroes, an archer exchanged missiles with heroes. Both sides missed horribly. Than hobgoblin had hit Bedwy, wounding him severely. Next round,(when hobgoblin trio was almost upon heroes) he was shot down. Lucky initiative roll gave heroes a chance to fire one more time, before melee begun. The killed one of hobgoblins and clashed with two remaining. Bedwyn was cut down and Awer had to fend of two raiders. He killed one and fought with leader, finally killing him. It was exciting moment, as the kept missing each other, while having 1 and 2 hp remaining.

For next few days heroes regained their strength and health. They were called local heroes. Villagers began t be more open and told them some gossips about their lord and his cursed son. Also, the recollected some facts about great fire and nightly apparition. when it was visible again, Awer and Bedwyn once more went after wealthy trader and his companion. the witnessed pair hiding chest, than saw how she cuts man’s throat only to be killed by something invisible. Heroes dig up rotten chest and inside found some money and [i]potion of giant’s strength[/i].

Awer and Bedwyn decide to look for snakeroot but instead of herb they found a monster in marshes. It was ooze that attacked them when they approached to it’s lair. After two hits it became obvious that they have met difficult opponent. Heroes’ weapon began to melt and fall apart. The withdraw hastily and rained monster with hail of arrows and bolts. When it was dead, in it’s lair the had found a huge chunk of gold, digested and melted by monster. With such kingly treasure, heroes went home and we had finished session.

Behind DM’s screen
- I really like how Google+ Hangouts works. It gives me a chance t play with friends I used to play, but now, with many duties and burdens, I have no chance to meet in real life.

- Swords&Wizardry is nice little game, that is easily run without face-to-face contact. It reminds me AD&D and actually I wnet back to that system, toying with an idea of totally coming back (and abandoning rules-overgrown games).



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