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  • nordrim_01

    _This is first of reports, describing a new RPG project. With Google+ Hangouts technology we have began a sandbox game. First with simple game system, later I'll switch to AD&D 2E perhaps. For now we played along the *Swords&Wizardry* rules with random …

  • nordrim02

    Group lineup had changed as one of players, portraying Alvin, had to withdraw as his machine had had blown of. Fortunately another of my friend joined in, creating fighting-man and journeyman, traveling Nentir Vale, Awer. Awer is son of petty noble, who …

  • Nordrim - Surprising guests

    Heavy winter has assaulted Timbervale and snow was as deep as dwarfs' head. Heroes at first helped to cut pathways in snow, than decided to go hunting, as they feared long and harsh winter could mean starvation for villagers. They set out north, hoping …

  • Bedwyn

    Bedwyn shares his time between hunting and lumberjacking around his home in Timbervale. He dreams of becoming hero or noble-man perhaps, is eager to travel, adventure and fight.

  • Alvin

    Alvin was born in village of Timbervale, where he grown up. upon reaching adulthood he became priest of Pelor. while masses were held infrequently, he spent times brewing fine alcohols for which he is quite famous in the nearby homesteads.

  • Awer

    Awer is son of local noble man. As a youngest family member he had no chance to seize family's land and was left to his own devices. He began roaming around the Nentir Vale, searching monsters and guiding travelers, co-operating with local militia and …

  • Gnorum

    Gnorum fancies himself cook and soldier. He is both, but dwarven mercenary campaign he belonged to and he found himself first unemployed deckhand, adventurer later.

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