Chronicles of Nentir Vale

Nordrim - On a way to Winterhaven

Every adventure has it's beginning

This is first of reports, describing a new RPG project. With Google+ Hangouts technology we have began a sandbox game. First with simple game system, later I’ll switch to AD&D 2E perhaps. For now we played along the Swords&Wizardry rules with random stats, hit points, ordinary Armor Class, xp for killing monsters and looted gold. Guys quiickly picked-up mechanics, roleplayed very, very well. Less rule encourages more creativity, perhaps there is something in OSR nostalgia.
Session was held on January, 20th, 2012

I have presented a backcloth of history, some rumors and set players free to decide. They heroes were: a fighting-man Bedwyn and cleric Alvin. They chose to sell liquors priest brewed in nearby city of Winterhaven. After equipping themselves party moved on on nice, sunny, winter day. First leg of journey went relatively smooth, only at evening it became obvious they forgot to take a tent. Guys decided to turn to Misthaven, a small village surrounded with an ill-omened aura. Next day around a noon the heard cries from along a path and discovered two monster, resembling crossbreed of dog and human looting a cart. Cries went from a merchant, that lied in snow with broken leg. Bedwyn engaged gnolls with an arrows but missed. Seeing them charging, he climbed a tree. Alvin was unsure if he wanted to fight gnolls or run away. Next round Bodwyn killed first gnoll while second reached tree. Alvin was still idle. Third round began with mishap. Bedwyn rolled “1”, his quiver toppled and arrows fell down, He had oly three of them. Despite this, on fourth round, he rolled critical hit and almost slain gonoll. Alvin attacked but missed. Still, one round later gnoll was dead.

Heroes treated merchant’s broken leg and led him do Mistwatch. They slept night in stables and learned that haunted baron is looking for snakeroot, a herb of strong calming effect, that grows on marshes here poisonous snakes hatch. They wanted to counterfeit it but decided selling liquos in Winterhaven is more important. Journey (uneventful by dice decree) took them one day. Finally they reached city just before sunset, slept night at inn and next day conducted trade. Just as the were to journey back Google decided it is time to end and disconnected us.

Behind DM’s screen
What can I say? I like the rules, their simplicity was nice comparing monster-rules of D&D 3.x / Pathfinder. It reminds me AD&D’s glory days. I borrowed system of rolling for random encounters from second edition (DMG p.101). Everything was rolled with dice. What I need is to create random happenings table so monsters are not only random encounter. while I have something like this for a city, I must prepare table for Wilderness.

Google+ Hangouts is a great tool, especially mode with add-ons. It let’s me play and run games, with people that are too busy to attend regular sessions or live to far away.



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