Chubby cleric of Pelor, famous for liquor he brewes


System: Swords&Wizardry
Player: Koval
Name: Alvin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Cleric
Level: 1
Xp needed/Xp accumulated: 1500/105
Bonus Xp: 5%
Str: 13
Int: 9
Con: 11
Dex: 14
Cha: 13
HP 4
AC: 3
Sv: 14
Spells: 0
Gold: 58
Equipment: full plate armor, mace, horse, saddle, rope, lantern, holy symbol, 5 rations, 2 flasks of wine, tent


Alvin was born in village of Timbervale, where he grown up. upon reaching adulthood he became priest of Pelor. while masses were held infrequently, he spent times brewing fine alcohols for which he is quite famous in the nearby homesteads.


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