Forester and hunter, hungry for gold, fame and ladies' charms


System: Swords&Wizardry
Player: Smartfox
Name: Bedwyn
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Fighting-Man
Level: 1
Xp needed/Xp accumulated: 2000/1058
Bonus Xp: 5%
Str: 15
Int: 14
wis: 9
Con: 14
Dex: 9
Cha: 11
HP 6
AC: 2
Sv: 15
Spells: 0
Gold: 36,5
Equipment: 2 light axes. longbow, arrows and quarry, full plate armor, rope (15m), bag, pouch, water skin, horse


Bedwyn shares his time between hunting and lumberjacking around his home in Timbervale. He dreams of becoming hero or noble-man perhaps, is eager to travel, adventure and fight.


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